Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loading up for S3 was beginning of a new semester..our 3rd semester ,ie. A new hope and belief in our minds, we entered it, though officially only.
we had only 1 week vacation,a real party crasher it was. We were expecting atleast a month and we got hardly a week. Our plans were ruined and hardly anything happened in that time. We could play for only one day and rest of the days were in front of computer..
and nothing could b worse, my computer's monitor was damaged and hard to repair it...damn luck isn't it.
And after toiling for 7 months we finally reached s3...a after a hard battle fought with elements...
--all the things we did in first year..
facing senoirs..ruthless teachers..good-for-nothing princi...a college fest that was a half flop..
10 subjects having no relation with each other...etc

but there were good parts too .. got a bunch of new friends..coming from all kinds of background..having different attitudes ..a really cool one.., one wich i have to live with rest of my 3yrs in college..

Now after 1 year i know wat college life is..atleast a part of it..

exams were like "Hurricane Katrina"...knew it was coming..predictions were wrong..took everyone by surprise...caused a disaster...hell was unleashed...noone was left alone...

now goin on next semester...
well i reached colege on time..
a tough task considering we havent seen 5am since our studies holidays start...bus was half empty bcos no one want to come on the first day... a sort of attitude u get only after reaching college..
we all knew it was a wasted day... we reached ter by 8.30...spent an hour just goin around the college . Sirs came and asked us to assemble at the hall... for some speech and all..
they were talkin of some thing called "SOFT SKILL DEVELOPMENT" ( god knows wat that is) .
one thing we knew ..we werent planing to sit ter...
but 11.00 we bunked college..
considering the location of our college..its a bit like escaping from alctracz...
no wer to go..alternate routes r difficult and dangerous...
well we jumped through walls..climbed over fences..crossed a small forest..passed thru paddy fields..
and finally reached our destination.."the bus stop"...the only escape route from there..for us as well the rest of the people living inn those areas..
bus comes once in a blue moon... but it was only chance and we waited for it..
got it and reached home...

And that was our first 3rd semester class...the class wich was supposed to invite us into the departmental community... the class after u become a true EEE student or a true MECH student...

and we bunked it!!
wat a great start for a new semester....!!!!

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