Friday, December 7, 2007

It was my physics class. The lecturer one ,miss Bindu a.k.a Bull, was teaching wave equations or something related, ( don't ask me ...i don't know...) . we call her Bull because she is an imposing figure with an attitude. the closest thing that u can think of on seeing her is the Bull....without the horns

so any way she was taking class and me was sitting in the first bench...( of the guys wont change their places ,so we are kinda stuck .. :D ). She started staring at me. i realised she was actually looking at ma pal Vinu..who drowsed off during the class...
Lecturer: "eyy u .. guy sitting second ..stand up...!!
Vinu stood up tilting his head sideways..still not fully awake...

She stood there saying nothing and just looking at him But now we noticed that she wasn't looking at him but was actually behind him..
we all turned back to see what was going on...and there it was...our friend Linekar has also stood up ,rubbing his eyes... probably thinking it was he who was asked to stand up....
Lecturer: so u too were sleeping ??? ..

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