Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sardar jokes

Once, a Hindu, a Sardar and an American were travelling in an

aeroplane. Suddenly, something went wrong and the engines stalled. They had

no parachutes with them. So all the three of them decided to risk their lives

and jump out of their planes.

First, the Sardar jumped out. He removed his turban, used it as a parachute

and jumped. Using the turban he slowly floated down. Then the Hindu removed

his dhoti and jumped out. Again his dhoti acted as a parachute and he also

floated down gently. Seeing this, the American removed his shirt and pant

and jumped out.

Unfortunately, they did not do well as a parachute and he began to fall

rapidly from the plane to the ground. He passed by the Hindu who said

- " May Bhagwan help you".

Then he passed the Sardar. The Sardar looked at the American zooming past

him and was puzzled. So he said - "I see! You want a race! Let us see who is faster"

Saying so, he let go of his turban.

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www.smsnfun.com said...

Boss : Where were you born ?
sardar : Punjab.
Boss : which part ?
sardar : Kya which part ? Whole body born in punjab.

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